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Inventorum Api Docs

What the API can do for you

The Inventorum API lets merchants extend the possibilities of the usage of its Inventorum account.

The number of possible extensions is unlimitied. With using the API you could: pull order data to create your own reports pull product data to show your beloved inventory on your web site trigger automatic supply orders based on stock levels integrate an eCommerce system with real time stock updates in booth directions drive mass updates on product data and much more

API's Scope

All requests are operating on an account level. You will have access to data that belongs to your account only.

Some areas are read-only or not available through the API e.g. account email. Also there is no way to change transaction data which ensures the GOBD compliance.


All you need is an INVENTORUM account and API credentials.

If you have no account yet just sign up for a non-binding trial at

Then request your API credentials at


  • API - The main API with all exposed endpoints and examples.